Thursday, July 28, 2011


As a kid, I loved this old Spider-man Cartoon. I saw an episode recently, and the show doesn't hold up at all. Gotta say though, it's theme song sure does.

How many theme songs since have had the sheer guts to open with a brassy, unapologetic fanfare (bwah bhaw bwah BWAH BWAW BWAH!), and hyperbole that might have been written by Stan Lee himself: "is he strong?/ listen bud / he's got radioactive blood."

It wasn't subtle or minimalistic or ambiguous in any way. It was designed to bring my 5-year-old self running into the living room, and it served that purpose without fail.

I still get chills.


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    This is the Spiderman theme I remember from my youth. Also does not hold up, but super funky!